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I've been on Induction for two weeks and will report my findings.

I lost 3 lbs this week. I understand 2-3 lbs. is the max. you should
lose per week. The first week's big drop was water of course.

No cheats.

Carbs always below 20g.

Typical Breakfast: ham & cheese omlette/McD McM (no muffin)/Eggs&Bacon
& coffee (decaf up to yesterday)

Typical Lunch: Salad w/ turkey/roast beef/ham/cheese

Typical Snack (sometimes none): Hard Boiled Egg, Beef Jerky

Typical Dinner: Hamburgs/Hot Dogs/Chicken/Chicken
Wings/Pork/Fish/Steak/Kabobs & dinner salad. Sometimes Dessert -
sugar free jello

I am NOT tired of eggs, bacon, sausage, steak, cheese, chicken or
fish. I was tired of salads last week but that stopped this week.
Still no hunger pains whatsoever. I've added back in a cup of coffee
in the morning (I missed that for two weeks:)).

Kids went out for ice cream last night. Didn't even phase me like it
did last week.

Energy Level - 1st 10 days=DOWN. Then up/down for a couple days and
now I seem to be back to normal. The last couple of days have been
GREAT! I do need more sleep. I've been getting 7+ hours a night. I
used to get by with less but now I am so tired by 11PM that I have to
go to bed. I think that's a good thing :)

I'm drinking my 76 oz + of water. I am up in the middle of the night
like clockwork. I'm taking psyllium husk power for the other thing.

Workouts: (4) workouts in the past 10 days Report:
The first week I was getting adrenaline rushes but no more. I'm a
little more tired after a workout but I'm adjusting.  I am not carbing up. I don't want
to screw up the weight loss either.

#1 - not too bad. I was more tired than usual at the end.
#2 - oh dear. Energy during the workout was down significantly. Still
did the usual workout. Adrenaline rush afterwards (unusual for me)
#3 - Doing weights, typically I slow down at the end. This time my
muscles simply gave out, rather then going slowly. No quick carbs to
get energy from.
#4 - I was about 80-90% of my usual self during the workout. Still
notice that muscles simply shut down rather than giving me an extra
1-2 extra reps. It was less pronounced than last time though.