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Pictures Along The Way

[8/98] In this family picture I was pushing 190. Yeah, I'm the old guy! I had been working out for some time. I ended up gaining weight not losing it.

[4/99] Here I am a after a day on the beach. This is probably the best picture of me at 185. My gut is well hidden :) The double chin is a dead giveaway though.

[4/99] Another picture of me at 185. Doesn't look too bad at a distance but if you look closely you can see the gut hanging out :)

[7/99] I'm about 165 here, down 20 lbs. Say hi to my dog Brandy.

[7/99] Another picture at about 165. Check out the skinny legs. They are even skinnier now. I'm trying to work my legs to build them up.

[7/99] I absolutely hate this picture at 165. Check out the gut. Glad there are no pictures of me like this at 185. Thank goodness.  

[10/99] Here is my 40th LC Birthday Cake. It's jello covered by a graham cracker that is covered with whipped cream and strawberries. Don't worry, my son ate the graham cracker!