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I've been on Induction for a week and will report my findings.

Lost 6 lbs. Down two belt loops. That is exciting!

No cheats

Carbs always below 20g.

I am NOT tired of eggs, bacon, sausage, steak, cheese, chicken or
fish. I am a little tired of salads. No hunger pains whatsoever. The
2nd night I had some cheese for a late-nite snack, but otherwise I
haven't had the urge. I miss caffeine a little (decaf just isn't the
same). I don't miss sugar at all.

Energy Level - 1st 6 days=DOWN. I feel it especially in the legs as
I stand or walk slowly. I need more sleep. I can not tolerate cold
as well. I am a hot-blooded person that radiates heat. This is a
complete reversal. My energy level has come up somewhat today. I've
been told that I have been a little cranky.

I'm drinking my 76 oz + of water. In fact if I don't drink any for 1/2
hour I feel down. My water goes with me everywhere. I've had to get up
in the middle of the night EVERY night. I can live with it. I'm taking
Psyllium husks for the other thing.

I notice that I am now very aware of others that are eating like I did
(up to very recently). How quick I am to judge (I don't like myself
for doing that).

Workouts: (3) workouts in the past week Report:
Workouts have been far more strenuous (as I expected), especially the
aerobic portion.. The last two workouts have produced tremendous
adrenaline rushes (I mean like hit in the head with a hammer rush and
NO I've never done that<G>). I never get those with the moderate
workouts that I do, so I am obviously working my body far harder in
ketosis. I know that I could stack or carb up, but I'm not
comfortable with doing either of those at this point. We'll see how
it goes.

Sex Drive - WAY DOWN. This was a total surprise. Now ladies, don't be
getting all your guys to go on Atkins for this reason <LOL>. I have
not seen this mentioned before.

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