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There are new low-carb candy bars on the market.  They say they are only 2-3g carbs.  Is this really true? 

No. If you add it all up, you'll find that there are 15-20g of carbs.  How can they advertise 2-3g?  The answer is the ingredients glycerine & oligofructose. The manufactures say these ingredients have a negligible impact on blood sugar levels. I've read someplace that this low carb count is being discontinued in the near future (eg: before they get in trouble with the FDA).

I've eaten them over the past year, and really like them. The glycerine gives the bar a "alcohol" flavor. While I kind of like the flavor, my wife, who is not LC, can't stand the taste.  You'll have to try them and see.  My favorites are the "EAS Advant Edge Carb Control Nutrition Bar" (Blueberry is my favorite) and "Carb Solutions High Protein Bar" (several good flavors such as chocolate fudge almond).  I have 3-4 a week. They are not cheap, figure $1.50 in bulk, and up to $2 a bar, depending on where you go. BJs and Wal-Mart carry them at times.

 I find that I can have one bar a day with no impact *if* I cut out my late evening meat/cheese snack.  Remember, calories do matter, especially in maintenance, where your body had adjusted to your new way of life.  Even at 15-20g, the low-carb bars are very low compared to a typical candy bar with 50+g.