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My family has a history of weight problems so of course I get to have
it too :) I've gone on several diets over the years. The most
successful one was back in '86 when I lost 33 lbs. Dexatrim was
responsible for that one. I kept it off for over 5 years. Alas, I
ended up back where I started. The only other successful one was in
'93 when I dropped 15 lbs. 

My doctor told me a couple years ago that I need to watch out because
my family history is terrible. I started working out about 2 years ago
and figured that would drop the pounds. It did not. In fact I've
gained about 15 lbs since then. 

I did one of those life expectancy tests on-line at It
says I will live to 75 and my wife will live to 103. That hurts. I
figure I better do everything in my power to stay healthy. 

The Atkins phenomena has hit my workplace like a sledgehammer. I know
10-15 people that are on it. I've seen the results first-hand so I
know that it works. Thanks to this group I know that the effects can
be long-term too (the important part).

I started "preparing" for the Induction phase by cutting down alot of
carbs on my own. I dropped 3 lbs from that part alone. I finally said
"what the heck", I'm almost there, it's time to start :)

I've been on the induction for 3 days now. I'm taking a multi-vitiman
now. I can't determine from what I've read so far whether I really
need to take anything else. I know Atkins would like me to take all
kinds of stuff :). I've lost 2 lbs. since starting. I realize it's
mostly water at this point. It's real helpful to know what to expect
by reading this group.

I work out 2-3x a week and I've been worried that I was going to get
real tired and have to cut back. So far the opposite seems to be
true. I had a great workout today and had energy to spare. I think
that part of this is the emotional high of finally doing something
I've wanted to do for several years. This time (really really?) it
has got to be WOL.

The only bad side effects so far are:
(1) I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night
(2) Constipation

I'm 5' 6" (medium build) and was down to 135 about 15 years ago.
Most people said that I was too skinny (the good 'ol days). I was not
exercising at that time. The weight charts (insurance chart in Atkins
book) show my ideal range being 129-147 (naked weight). Based on past
criticism and the fact that I have been working out for a couple
years, I set my goal at 145. We'll see how it goes WHEN I get there.

I believe in the weight charts. Yes, it's tough to achieve. But,
think about what it'll be like WHEN you get there<G>