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I reached my new (and final) goal of 140. I've been fluctuating
between 141-145 for about 6 weeks. Today marks the spot<g>

I have bought all new clothes. Get this, 32" waist!!! I feel great!
Thanks to all of you who have helped me through some of the tough

Someone asked me about adding carbs back into the diet. Well, 
the fallacy is that you *CAN* add carbs back in. I've bounced
around for awhile now (6-8 weeks) without adding significant carbs
back in. Sometimes I have some meat & cheese or sunflower seeds for a
late nite snack. That's maybe 5-10 carbs max. Sometimes I eat more
fruit too (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries). That is 10-15
carbs max. I notice that if I do one of these 2-3 times a week I
start gaining again. So I can't go above about 30-40g. without
starting to gain. And that's going to the gym 3-5x a week. My therory
is that the only way I can add more carbs is to cut back on the fat &
protein. I am enjoying this WOL far too much to do that<G>. 

Usually I can find non-carb things to eat for lunch. A couple weeks
ago we had a pizza party at work. There was absolutely nothing else to
eat. So I decided it was a good experiment. I have had no bread in the
last 6-7 months. This was the first. I ate three slices, but left
most of the crust. It tasted okay, but not as good as you would think
after going without it for so long. The carbs did not seem to affect
me at all the rest of the day. I didn't feel any different. However,
two days later I had gained FOUR POUNDS. It's hard to believe, those
three slices of pizza weighed a heck of a lot less than 4 lbs! Those
carbs are nasty little buggers. Those 4 lbs. were gone in 10 days, but
I am amazed how quick the carbs do their dirty work. There is
absolutely no way you can go back to your pre-LC eating habits. 

If I get tired of the food I may toy with changing the parameters. I
feel the best that I have in 20 years. There is no way that I am going
to mess that up. Daily weigh-ins is my key to maintenance. If I go up
2 lbs. I actively cut back a little to get rid of it. That works
great. If I did not have that daily feedback it would be too easy to
gain. I just bought 32" pants so I have to maintain! My waist is 32
1/2 right now. I am trying to get to 32" but it is very slow going.
Age does nasty things to the waistline. My wife thinks I am getting
obsessive about it. Seems to me she's lucky I picked this to be
obsessive about instead of other things<LOL>