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I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week. I rotate three different programs.  Every month I also vary the reps. I've found that if you don't do that you don's see any improvement. These programs are taken from "Dr. Bob Arnot's Guide to Turning Back the Clock".

I recently bought a heart rate monitor. That has helped a great deal. For weight loss you want to be at 60-75% of your max. heart rate. For improved cardio you want to be at 70-85% of your max. heart rate. Since I am exercising for weight loss and general fitness I don't plan to go any higher than that.  I found that I can keep my heart rate above 65% during weight lifting. That's like getting 2 for the price of 1 :)  Could have never done it without the heart rate monitor.

Each program is 45 to 70 minutes long (depending on my mood, how many people are there, how fast I go, etc. Since I have been using the heart rate monitor my times have gone down.).  I do three sets of each exercise. I rotate the reps each month. For example, Month 1 it's 10-12, Month 2 it's 6-8, Month 3 it's 4-6, etc).

I  do not add carbs for my workouts. I might toy with that sometime in the future.


Program I

Pecs: Bench Press, Fly, Parallel Dip, Bent Forward Cable Cross, Incline Press

Shoulders: Upright Row, Overhead Press, Seated Press, Dumbbell Shrug

Legs: Seated Leg Press, Squat Press


Program II

Back: Chin up (narrow), Chin up (wide), Lat Pulldown

Triceps: Overhead Triceps Press, Triceps Press Down, Seated Triceps Press

Biceps: Biceps Curl, Cable Curl, Preacher Curl (machine), Preacher Curl (free)

Abs: Ab Crunch, Ab Flex, Knee Lifts


Program III

30-60 minutes of one or more of the following (depending on my mood)

EFX Elliptical Machine

Upright Bike