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This is the easiest diet I have ever been on<g>. I love eggs, meat,
salads and cheese :) I see an easy transition to WOL as I approach my

I've weighted myself every day for the past month. Weight has always
been a consistent loss and there were no up/down swings. I know that
it is different than many other reports I've seen here. I consider
myself pretty fortunate with the way things are going.

Loss chart:

Week     Lost     Comments
1             3           cut back on sugar/bread
2             6           Atkins Induction Week 1
3             3           Atkins Induction Week 2
4             3           stayed at 20g carbs
15 lbs

It's pretty obvious that 3 of the 6 lbs. on induction week 1 were

I've had to stop using my belt as I was on the last notch (YEA)! I'm
now on the belt I have not been able to wear in a few years, and
should drop a belt loop by next week.

The first week was rough as my body was going through all kinds of
changes. The second week started off with up/down energy and mood
swings. Energy then picked up and has stayed that way! I stopped
having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night last
week and have not had to since. My body adjusted I guess. Workouts
are still harder than they were but it's not that bad. I just had to
drop back a little on the weight/reps.

The appetite suppression "feature" of LC has been great. I notice
myself knowing when to stop eating, even if I have not finished with
what I am eating. In the past I ate very fast and I would overeat by
the time my body told me I was full. Now, since there is no hunger to
speak of (of course I still like to eat<g>), I don't continue eating
once my stomach is "comfortable". 

I just started adding about 5g of strawberries/blueberries. I'm making
an effort to add only "quality" carbs. Last week I added a cup of
regular coffee. I missed that and it has had no negative effects the
past week. 

Several of my coworkers are frustrated on LC as they have stalled. The
main reason is they are not counting very well<g>. I am doing very
well and am enjoying it. 

I hope this helps those individuals that have just started or are
thinking of starting. GO FOR IT! I posted Induction week 1 & week 2
reports. If you are interested, go back in this newsgroup 1 and 2