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Here are some odds & ends on how things went along the way:

Since I started LC I've taken the following supplements:
Multi-vitamin (1 daily)
Calcium (1 daily)
Psyllium husk powder (2 capsules daily)
Potassium (2 tablets daily)


Usually I have some strawberries & blueberries daily. I never measured
exactly how much I eat but I should. This is the first week I did not
lose so I am going to have to pay closer attention to the carbs.


I've tried to stay around 20-30g/daily for the past 14 weeks. I've
had a couple days where I feel kind of weak so I up the carbs and that
takes care of it. Had a physical recently and everything checks out
great. Doc was impressed.


This past Monday I was really weak in the afternoon. That is unusual.
I was too tired to workout. Of course we just came back from a big
trip over the weekend and that probably explains it<G> After dinner I
still did not feel right. I had a craving for something and ended up
eating some grapes, peanuts & sunflower seeds. I felt alot better
about an hour later. 


Nobody noticed that I lost weight until I hit about 15 lbs. And that
was a woman who had not seen me in a long time. The "regulars" did
not say anything until 20-25 lbs. Now everyone in the world is
telling me I've lost weight!

Mom's are always the critical ones. I was down to 135 (yeah I was too
skinny) on a diet about 15 years ago and my Mom said I was going to
have some eating disorder. Then about 3 years ago she said I was fat
(or words to that effect, in a nice "Mom" kind of way<G>).