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TODAY (10/16/99) I HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT! Sorry about the shouting but it's such a
great feeling! The first thing that comes to mind is just how easy and
enjoyable LC is for me. This newsgroup is a big contributor to my
success. Although I have been extremely busy the last month or two
(and haven't posted much), reading the group is always a big upper for
me. Thanks to all of you!

Statistics (as you can tell I like numbers):
Weeks on LC: 21
Pounds lost: 40 (185 to 145)
Inches lost: 4.5 (37.5 to 33)

Blood Pressure: 130/70
Resting Pulse: 58

The only not-so-great news is that I have not lost all the inches that
I wanted. I'd like to get near 32. I'm going for another 5 lbs to see
what happens.
185/145/145 (LC since 5/21/99)
new goal 140