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Low Carb 1999


Low Carb, Take II (2004)

Last updated on 01/16/05    

Left: at start (180), Right at 9 weeks (165)

Well, here it is, February 29, 2004, and I'm back at square one. This picture from the Blue & Gold earlier this month finally put me over the edge to get back with the program!   I will be working on these pages over the next several months.

Lessons learned from Take 1:  Maintenance is terribly, terribly, TERRIBLY difficult. I weigh myself every day so I saw it happen over a two year period, but apparently did not pay enough attention to it.  Must be some form of denial.  Oh yeah, did I mention how hard the maintenance phase is?

I'm going to follow South Beach this time, and have gotten back into my exercise program.  

Why South Beach this time? After reading the book, it seems to be a refinement to Atkins.  They break down carbs into "good carbs" and "bad carbs".  Basically, flour and sugar are bad carbs.  Whole wheat pasta and whole grain slow-cook rice are good carbs (not unlimited though).  They also tell you to restrict the fat somewhat.  I can't restrict the fat as much as they recommend (yuk), but the general concept sounds reasonable. That makes sense to me, as long as the low-fat food does not replace the fat with sugars.  Things like low fat cheese, lean cuts of meat, turkey sausage in place of pork make sense.  The taste is not quite as good, but we'll see how it goes. What this means is that I can eat exactly the same thing as the rest of the family (keeping portions in mind of course). We've switched to using whole wheat and nobody has a problem with it (I am eating only trace amounts to start).

One of the best things I've gotten out of the South Beach book is the Vanilla Ricotta Crème. It's actually very good, and legal during the two week induction period (Phase I)!

I had been eating low carb since Take I, but there have been two problems.  (1) I would eat plenty of carbs (junk) after dinner and (2) my exercise program was non-existent.  So the plan is to drop the after dinner carbs and to get back on the exercise program. 

For body fat measurement, I use a Tanita scale daily and take the average for the week. I weight myself first thing in the morning, which is not recommended, but I will forget otherwise. Overall there should be a downward trend.

Starting Weight: 180
Starting Waist: 38? (and I wonder why my 36's are tight) 
Starting Body Fat: 33%+

Goal Weight: 140
Goal Body fat: 16-20%
Goal Waist: 32.0-33.0

Week 1 (ending 3/7/2004): Didn't have any of problems I had during Take I. I planned for constipation this time by taking more psyllium and I took colace for the first couple of days (don't think I really need it).  Refused to give up my cup of coffee in the morning, but other than that I stuck to the plan ... except for the end of the week (Friday) when I went out and had several Guinness drafts (boy are those good!).  Yeah, I know, beer (maltose) is the absolute worst sugar for raising insulin levels. That threw me off the horse, but I got back on the next day. 

Started workouts very slow. I tend to overdo things so I am working to go slow. The first few times have left me extremely sore.  Wow, am I really out of shape or what (no need to answer that question).

Weight:         177.6 lbs
Weight lost:  This week 2.4 lbs
Workouts:     5 (30 to 45 minutes, mostly aerobic)

Week 2 (ending 3/14/2004): Did a fair job through the week.  I had a hunger binge during mid-week and ate more nuts (almonds, cashews) that I should have. That caused me some discomfort for a few days (felt bloated). Then I had two glasses of red wine on Friday.  If that was not enough damage on Saturday I had more than a couple glasses of red wine.  The good news is that I did not eat carbs to go along with the wine.  

Workouts have been pretty good (starting out slow).  Sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes to get to my target heart rate (141) and sometimes it takes a long time.  It's almost like I have a "Normal" and "Turbo" mode. The same thing happens on different machines, and it also happens when I use my chest strap.  Not sure what that means, but I used to blame it on the equipment. 

Slight loosening of the pants, but not as much as I had hoped.  I know, these things take time!  Been there, done that, so not really discouraged.

Weight:                          174.4
Weight lost this week: 3.2 lbs 
Weight lost total:          5.6 lbs
Workouts:                     5 (40 to 50 minutes, mostly aerobic)

Week 3
(ending 3/21/2004): Stuck right on plan the entire week.  Had very strong "Ketosis breath" for just about the entire week, which is where you get a very sweet taste in your mouth, and I guess it has a distinct smell as well (urine has a distinct smell too).  I've heard that once you get into Ketosis a few times it's pretty easy to do and I agree.  I can get into it in just a day or two.  I'm sure the alcohol over the past couple of weeks interfered with that. I forgot just how much Ketosis suppresses your appetite. I have to be careful to eat enough so that my body does not go into emergency storage mode and drop my metabolism.  

Workouts go up and down, I think I need to eat some sort of carbs before the workout to get starting energy.

Weight:                          171.8 lbs
Weight lost this week: 2.6 lbs 
Weight lost total:          8.2 lbs
Waist:                            37" 
Gut (at navel):               40"
Body Fat:                      31-33%
Workouts:                     4  (45 to 60 minutes, mostly aerobic)

Week 4
(ending 3/28/2004): No major eating changes this week. Had some low carb yogurt on two evenings. Went in and out of Ketosis a couple of times. Seems like drinking a great deal of water (72 oz+) is a prerequisite for Ketosis. Lost 1/2 inch off the waist this week! Weight loss has stalled this week. Has a few glasses of wine on Friday evening.  Had Chinese on Saturday which may have had some hidden carbs. The slight weight gain could also be due to building some muscle!  I need to increase my fiber intake as things are a bit painful at times.

Workouts are unchanged.  Aerobic endurance definitely increased. Going slow with the weights.

Weight:                          173.0 lbs
Weight lost this week:  (1.2) lbs 
Weight lost total:          7.0 lbs
Waist:                            36.5" 
Gut (at navel):               39.5"
Body Fat:                      30-32%
Workouts:                     4  (45 to 60 minutes, mostly aerobic)

Week 5 (ending 4/04/2004): Overall feeling good. Ate low carb ice cream one night and had the craving for more just 20 minutes later.  Had some nuts instead. I can see that it could get out of control quickly! I have not really added many carbs back in. I am eating a little less meat,  a little more vegies, and watching fat intake a bit more than in Take I.  I like the way things are going so far.

Workouts have been about the same, although some days I have more energy than others. For endurance did 5.5 miles (elliptical).

Weight:                          169.4 lbs
Weight lost this week:   3.6 lbs 
Weight lost total:          10.6 lbs
Waist:                            36.0" 
Gut (at navel):               39.0"
Body Fat:                      30.4%
Workouts:                     5  (50 to 80 minutes, mostly aerobic)

Week 6 (ending 4/11/2004): Overall feeling fine. Weight has stalled. No changes planned, but will watch for hidden carbs.

Workouts have been about the same, although early in the week I was very tired. Typically start out slow, and energy kicks in after about 15 minutes. For endurance did 7.2 miles (elliptical).

Weight:                          169.2 lbs
Weight lost this week:   0.2 lbs 
Weight lost total:          10.8 lbs
Waist:                            36.0" 
Gut (at navel):               38.5"
Body Fat:                      29.3%
Workouts:                     4  (50 to 90 minutes, mostly aerobic)

Week 7 (ending 4/18/2004): Total calorie count seems to be much more critical than it was in Take I.  I can easily stall the weight loss by eating just a little bit more low carb stuff (meat, cheese, nuts). This could still be due to building muscle, as I am still losing inches and body fat is going down. Can't complain.

Workouts have been fine, starting to put more effort into the weight training.  Drinking plenty of water during the aerobic portion seems to give me a great deal more energy.

Weight:                          166.0 lbs
Weight lost this week:   3.2 lbs 
Weight lost total:          14.0 lbs
Waist:                            35.5" 
Gut (at navel):               38.0"
Body Fat:                      28.8%
Workouts:                     5  (50 to 100 minutes)

Week 8 (ending 4/25/2004): Nothing new to report.

I am getting back into my weight/aerobic rotation

Weight:                          164.8 lbs
Weight lost this week:   1.2 lbs 
Weight lost total:          15.2 lbs
Waist:                            35.5" 
Gut (at navel):               37.5"
Body Fat:                      28.4%
Workouts:                     4  (40 to 80 minutes)

Weeks 9 - 12 (ending 5/23/2004):

Weight:                          163.0 lbs
Weight lost total:          17.0 lbs
Waist:                            35.0" 
Gut (at navel):               37.0"
Body Fat:                      28.1%
Workouts:                     3 - 5  (45 to 60 minutes)

Week 17 (ending 6/27/2004):

I seem to be in a holding pattern for now.

Weight:                          161.4 lbs
Weight lost total:          18.6 lbs
Waist:                            35.0" 
Gut (at navel):               37.0"
Body Fat:                      27.6%
Workouts:                     3 - 5  (45 to 60 minutes)

You can learn all about my first time with LC by following the Low Carb 1999 link on the left hand side of this page. I was so "in to" LC, as I read through it, it can get really annoying to read :)   You'll see the ups and downs I went though.  But that is the kind of thing that motivates you to keep going.  Now, what I really need is a way to stay motivated for many years!

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