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Software Engineering may be my profession but Broadcasting is my hobby. There is a great deal of things happening in Broadcasting. There are many on-line resources to enjoy. Here are my favorites.

Boston Area Broadcasting Information

Central New York Broadcasting Information

Station Search Services

Here's where you'll be able to search for radio stations & any changes that might be pending. There are many links!

USA TV Online is the most extensive list of all the TV stations in and near the US. It is very up to date. You'll also find a pretty good FM search tool too. is one of the best FCC data driven AM & FM search sites. It also includes daily updates of Applications & Actions by the FCC. You'll also find a link for the Broadcast Station Location Page (one of the best). Brought to you by Elliott Broadcast Services.

FCC FM Radio Database Query
FCC AM Radio Database Query
FCC TV Database Query

Broadcasting Industry News

Get the latest poop on what's going on at stations across the USA.

All Access Music Group contains a wealth of information on the Broadcasting & Recording industries. My favorites are "Net News" & the Arbitron listings.

Radio & Records Inc.contains Radio & Record Information. My favorite area is the charts, which include several music formats including NAC/Smooth Jazz


DXing is the hobby of listening to far away stations. That includes AM, FM, TV and Shortwave.

National Radio Club (AM DX)

Worldwide TV-FM DX Association (WTFDA) (TV/FM DX)


Bruce Elving's FM Atlas

Radio Stations that are on-line

The MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet is one of the most comprehensive lists of radio stations that have an on-line presence. It also lists stations that are bitcasting, that is, broadcasting over the Internet. They have recently added a great station search tool as well.


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