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This page was last updated on 04/09/06

I've had it.  10 telemarketing calls a day. We make it a point not to answer the phone for calls that have no caller-ID, but they just keep calling back, and back and back.  Time to take action.  Take advantage of all the work that I've done!

What is the source for all those hang-up calls?  Click here to find out.

#1: Add your number to the National Do Not Call List!

There are many web sites available to help you, but I've chosen Junkbusters as the best. If you do nothing else, tell the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) that you want no telemarketing calls.  You have to notify them every five years.  It's all at the Junkbuster site!
Go to JunkBusters

Phone company provided solutions

a. Automatic Call Rejection (ACR).  Any caller that has blocked caller-ID from being displayed will get a recording telling them that their call will not go through unless they unblock their number.  This only works for blocked/private calls, It does not work for unknown/out of area calls (which are most likely telemarketers).  ACR is available for an extra charge or may come bundled with Caller-ID (eg: Verizon). Contact your local phone company for more information.

b. Call Intercept (Verizon) or Call Privacy (others).  Intercepts all blocked/private and unknown/out-of-area calls. Gives the caller a recording asking them to record their name. Your phone then rings and you decide if you want to answer.  Will block most telemarketers since they won't leave their name or a message.  Expensive because it costs about $5/month and requires caller ID, so the total monthly cost is around $11.

User-installed equipment for your phone

Many of the products have dried up over the past few years. These are the few that are left.  

Caller ID Manager ($100)      My Solution (purchased April 2006)
Allows you to handle calls in different ways. There are 150 memories in which you can store numbers or wildcards. You have control of incoming calls with "number unknown", "number blocked." and/or any other text that displays on the unit. This is the only unit that I know that does this. You can then have the unit pass the call through to the phone, have it sent to another extension (you need the optional remotes for this) , have it sent to the external port (for an answering machine) or simply ignore the call (and let it go to voicemail). Caller ID required.



Classco 9900CW Talking Caller-ID ($50)       My Solution (purchased Feb 2002)
Identifies incoming and call-waiting calls by announcing the caller's recorded name or number in a high-quality, natural sounding voice. Identifies unknown calls  (often telemarketers) and blocked calls by announcing "number unknown" and "number blocked." Calls are announced over a built-in speaker, or attached cordless phone, speakerphone, or headset. Announces pre-recorded names for up to 50 frequent callers. You can also leave a custom outgoing message for specific callers (including blocked and unknown numbers). Stores 99 calls. Caller ID required.

Privacy Technologies Telezapper ($40)
When you or your answering machine picks up a call, the TeleZapper emits a special tone that "fools" the computer into thinking your number is disconnected. Instead of connecting you to a salesperson, the computer stores your number as disconnected in it's database. Over time, as your number is removed from more and more databases, you'll see a dramatic decrease in the number of annoying telemarketing calls you receive. Caller ID not required.