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This page was last updated on 08/19/07

Clear Lake 2007


Last year it was Zorks, this year it's Orange.

The scenic view of the Orange Roof Inn

Camp To Come To

Solar Island

Cam & Dot

Another sunset Over Cam & Dot


Island Break

Party on the raft

Two weeks down and yet so much fun left on the schedule!

Jetboat Prep

Has this baby been on the water this summer?


The remains of the boathouse after the bonfire over the winter. It can't float so you guessed it, it has to go up the embankment!


Out at last. Been underwater for 15+ years!


No Uncle Tim. I don't see three different colors.

Successful Fishing Day

I have to leave Uncle Tim to fend for himself ... darn misquitos

Is it Fish Fry yet?

The boys screw around while Deb slaves over the hot oil. Deb, who is it that knows how to fry fish? Very funny with the rabbit ears Uncle TIm.

I can't believe they would not let us use the bathroom!

I would tie you to the tree ... if only I could get up

Just another night at the fire

Entertainment Nightly

"You are lighting off what?"


Day 231 of captivty. I was able to sneak out and at least get some water.

Ok you two. Single File. Be very very quiet. We are hunting kitties!

Psst. Kodi. I'll keep her distracted. You push her off the front

Kodi, Ya big wuss. It's only a cat! Oh and Madison, I see you there. You could have helped. I give up.

I wonder how Baker would taste with tobasco?

Ya, you better run!

Finally. Wore out the dogs. Now I can relax in MY bed.

I hate having to use catalogs again this year. At least we didn't fall in poop, right Uncle Tim?