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This page was last updated on 08/19/07

Clear Lake 2006


Lauren is the welcome wagon

Notice the paper that describes the terms and conditions, and the waiver to be signed - just in case somebody slips on the rocks

Lauren is a communicator

Lauren passes notes between the island and the mainland

Lauren has instructions for Ryan and Cody

Tim and Lauren bond

Lauren loves everybody

Uncle Tim teaches Lauren to fish

Lauren catches a big one and Uncle Tim helps land it!

Lauren, the party animal!

Shed Enhancement Project

What do you mean you have to start with a 1/2 row of shingles?

More places for stuff!

Lil' Isle before the color change

Brandy cools down off Lil' Isle

The men relax at their assigned corners

Uncle Tim, Is this really a good idea?

Molly & Brian

Ryan and Cody

Patrick plays for the party

Heather & Brandy

Deb & Cody

Just try and do that next year!

Bob, Lynn & Cody

The floating dock goes on tour

Uncle Tim, I think you'r going down!

Rusty breaks in the upgraded deck

(We miss you Rusty)