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Merrimack Cares Voter Guide

This page was last updated on 04/16/06.

How to Vote on April 11th



Betty Spence
Mike Malzone

Budget Committee:

Chris Ager
Rod Buckley
Jack Rothman
Jennifer Twardosky

Article 4 NO (The New Library Article)
Article 7 YES (The new lower Budget)
Article 13 NO (Library surplus to be kept by library instead of taxpayers)
Article 15 NO (Establishment of another Capitol Reserve Fund to hold taxpayer money)
Article 18 - YES (Opposition to Tolls)
Article 22 YES (Return of Library Fund money to taxpayers)


School Board:

Rick Barnes
Jennifer Thornton

Article 2 YES (Board to accept gifts on schools behalf)
Article 5 YES (Sprinkler system at Mastricola Upper Elem. School)
Article 6 YES (Technology Upgrades)
Article 7 YES (Keep Budget Commitee for school board)
Article 8 YES (Proposed budget)


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